Alec Deacon & Charles Green Blackout USA Reviews – Can You Survive Darkest Days during EMP attack?

You must have heard about Blackout USA, if not in the media then probably from a friend. So, why is it such an important book? Let’s find out.

There must have been instances of power outages in your neighborhood or home. As is always the case, you may keep yourself busy with other things, knowing that in a matter of minutes or hours, power will be back- and surely it does. In a moment, power returns indeed. But, what if it never comes? Not just for a single day or two, but for a long time, which may be several weeks or months. Let’s not assume years because that would be too much to bear- but what if that happens? What can you do?

As things stand now, are ready for this kind of eventuality? Can you live beyond a day, week, month, or year should power go off, never to return?

It is important to prepare for a power outage; a massive one at that. The cause of such an eventuality may be varied depending on the prevailing circumstances. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) may, for instance, smack the power grid and result in a blackout.

Weather may also cause power outages. Whatever the cause, the most important thing is that you need to be prepared for the outcome. This is not far-fetched since it is very likely. An Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack has the potential to significantly destroy the power grid, and many sensitive circuits are also bound to get affected seriously. The result of such EMP attack is the destruction of all electronic devices. This is how serious it can be. What can you do to prepare for it? This may be a surprise attack.

Darkest Days (Blackout USA)

Darkest days is a complete EMP survival guide that has been written by Alec Deacon. This lightning161-page survival guide is prepared in such a manner that it touches on the basic human requirements for survival should there be an EMP attack on America. Some of the topics that this guide touches on include the very vital requirements that you will need irrespective of the environment you find yourself in. Some of the things that you will learn include:

  • How you can protect some of your electronics if a blackout occurs. This guide helps you know which of those electronics you can use even after an electromagnetic pulse has occurred.
  • How you can preserve your food in the absence of a refrigerator since no such device will be in operation in the event that an EMP occurs
  • How to generate your own power
  • How to make an open cooking fire
  • How to prepare meals on an open fire
  • How to put in place proven home protection strategies

Blackout USA guide by Alec Deacon and Charles Green stands out as the best-selling survival manual ever. It contains a combination of various human experiences that have been well-researched and documented. Alec Deacon presents the life of the Amish population as a true testimony that life can continue in the absence of modern technology, such as when you are not connected to the grid.

If an EMP occurs, you will still need your car to move things around or such uses. What I liked most about the handbook is that it offers you the best EMP survival plan. It also gives critical methods that you can use to fix your car if it is affected by an EMP. You will not need a professional to do that since, with this guide, you will need to do that by yourself. It will be a time to survive and, so, a professional car expert may not be around.

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Is it even likely for an EMP to Occur?

EMP attack

It is very likely because EMPs can occur naturally. A solar flare hitting the Earth’s atmosphere can cause an EMP. The results of a man made attack can also result in the same outcome. Blackout USA, therefore, provides a step-by-step guide that can help you protect yourself and close, loved ones. This guide is aimed at making sure you can survive in situations where there is a total power outage.

Alec Deacon and Charles Green recognized the fact that a majority of the people are not aware of the possibility of an EMP occurring. Who knows when that will happen? Given that it has not occurred on a large scale does not mean it cannot happen. Many assume that the likelihood of an EMP occurring is far-fetched. But, ask yourself- if indeed it did happen, will you be prepared? Will you be safe? Will you be able to survive?

Opinion is divided with regards to the likelihood of an EMP taking place. Some claim that it is imminent while others say it is highly likely but not certain. The reality is that the answer to this question is somewhere in the middle and it is just safe when you get prepared. Blackout USA will help you ensure that you keep your loved ones safe just in case of any eventuality.

Why the Blackout USA Handbook is a Must-have

Blackout USA is the only survival guide that gives you the most basic and very important life skills that you won’t find anywhere else. It gives you more informed guidelines to ensure you are safe. Also, it takes care of your life by giving you a step by step guide on how to keep your medicine, food, and other very vital items.

The supply of items such as food may be hard to find in dire situations like the one described in this best selling survival guide. You will also learn how to maintain some of your appliances. There are gadgets that you cannot do away with, and it is only important that you have them up and running even when you are off the power grid.

Blackout USA also lists important items and strategies that you must have to live through this scenario, and they include:

  • How to keep looters at bay
  • Some of the best 5 electronics that you must have in such situations
  • 7 best must-have food and medicines
  • How you can assemble some simple devices for your personal use

To Wrap Things Up

Blackout USA guide comes in hard copy form. Having it in such a format is a precaution in itself. You know why? Because in the event of a power outage, you may not read it using your laptop or tablet since there will be no power. Besides, if you keep it in your email, you may not be able to access the copy because there will be no signal.

You need Blackout USA to be available when you need it. The only way that fact can be guaranteed to some extent is by having it in hard copy, and that is the first step towards taking precaution. This guide is not just waiting for an EMP to take place for it to be used.

You can use this book to help you survive normal power blackouts too. That can be a good time to practice what you will learn from it and perfect your skills. So, you need to start putting the tit bits of information presented by Alec Deacon and Charles Green in this guide into practice because you never know.


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