How To Be Prepared For A Blackout!

Whether it’s Summer, Winter, A Zombie Apocalypse, or any other time of the year…..The power can go out!

Here’s a Top 10 List of things to have, in case the power goes out. This article highlights the most important items you should own, so you’re not left in the dark and without the means. Survival is the key! Rations & Supplies! The important & relevant info needed!


The absolute essential juice for your electronics!

You should always have a nice surplus of batteries on hand. Batteries of every kind!AAA batteries

Double AA’s, Triple AAA’s, C’s, D’s, 9 Volts & in some cases, watch batteries. The majority of emergency electronics use these types of batteries. You’re less likely going to need 9 volts & watch batteries. My only need for 9 Volt batteries are for my smoke & carbon monoxide alarms. Watch batteries are generally used, more so, in hearing aids and you guessed it…

#2. Light

Whether or not the power goes out in the daytime or nighttime, it’s best to be prepared if the power is still out at night! Flashlights & Candles are your best bet for light sources…..

  • Flashlights

Flashlights are the safest approach to supplying light. Rather than using flame, like candles do, you’re flashlight for ultimate survivalusing batteries. You need to make sure your flashlights are LED as to not consume all your batteries that you have in surplus. Not only should they be LED’s because they’re long lasting in regards to their bulbs & battery life. But also because of their quality of light, nice and bright. As I said before, flashlights are better than candles because of safety concerns. You’re not going to burn your house down with a flashlight.

  • Candles

Candles are cheaper than flashlights. You could buy more candles, for less, than you could buy flashlights & batteries. You should obviously exercise caution when using candles. Make sure you turn them off when you call it a night. Also you’ll need to buy matches or lighters to use your candles.

#3. Radios

There are 3 different types of radios you should have in your supply arsenal:

  1. Weather Radio

Maybe the power went out due to a storm. In which case there could be more coming.

So you’d better listen to see what’s on the horizon.

  1. Fire/Police/EMS Scanner

Buying a scanner would be a wise investment also. You can listen to your local emergency stations to hear the progress of downed power lines or other emergencies that could be happening. There are plenty of websites online to get all the frequencies you’ll need, to enter into your new scanner. You could even see about getting a CB Radio so you can communicate with other people that have one as well.

  1. Regular AM/FM Radio

Use the regular radio for entertainment purposes. Also local TV stations sometimes have their own channel/frequency. So you can listen to the local news and weather as well as some TV shows that are playing. You’ll be listening to a show like the generations before us used to. When they used to listen to radio shows when there were no TV’s.

#4. Emergency Generator

Why worry about batteries and loss of power when you can hunker in your bunker, in style. Less need for candles or flashlights. Buy some extra-long cords so you can hook up your (faraway) top electronics. Hook it up in your basement or outside. But if you end up having it outside there’s a chance the neighbors will complain about the noise. Because they are noisy! Companies keep making progress in lowering sound pollution, so try and look for a quiet one. The neighbors could be complaining also out of jealousy but it’s best to be courteous and respectful of your neighbors because you’re all in this together.

emergency generator for survival

#5. Gas

You’ll need gas for that generator! So stock up on gas cans and fill them with gas. If the power is out you might not be able to get to the station to get some gas. Especially if it’s a storm related power outage. You don’t want to brave the elements unless you absolutely have to, for safety reasons. Conserve the gas just in case the power is going to be out for a while.

#6. Food & Water

Obviously the most essential! You can’t survive without food & water. Especially water. If you go 3 days without drinking water, it’s simple, you die.

You should buy packages of bottled water. If there is a catastrophe from a storm or of other epic proportions….. then the city you live in, their water supply could be polluted.

As far as food supplies go, you should get food that will last. Canned goods are your best shot, or package sealed foods. Make sure you pay attention to what canned goods you get, as far as how to open them. Some cans come with pop tops, some don’t. If you buy canned goods make sure you have a handheld can opener. Otherwise you’d be, dangerously, opening the can with a knife and that’s not a good idea. Which could result in, unfortunately making you use the next item on the list……….

*One more key thing to remember is that canned food and bottled water have an average expiration date of a year to a year and a half, from the date you buy it. Be sure to check the dates.

#7. Emergency First Aid Kit

You should already have one of these in your house & your car, always. Bandages, medicine for pain, etc. Emergency personnel in your area could be very busy during a blackout so it’s best not to risk getting hurt. Especially if you’re without means of contact. Home phones nowadays are digital. They require electricity to be operational. Which brings us to our next item………

#8. Phones, Electronics & Adapters

A lot of people use cellphones as their main house phones now. Why pay for 2 phones, home & cell, when you can just use the cellphone when you’re home. In the past, before digital phone, home phones could be used without electricity. The only way they wouldn’t work is if the phone lines are down completely or turned off for repair. So you should easily be able to call friends & family or for an emergency, on your cellphone.

If you’re without the means of electricity for long, then you’re phone battery will die, obviously. If you’re also without means of an emergency generator then you can’t charge it. So you’re next best thing to do is……make sure you have a car charger for your phone, so you can charge your phone in your car and you’re good to go! Same goes for your other electronics. Computers, tablets, etc.

#8. Money

Cold Hard Cash! You’d better keep some on hand. If the power is out, chances are that the stores power is out too. You won’t be able to use your ATM or credit cards. You don’t have the means if you don’t have the greens! Quick & Simple!

#10. Fun!

Games & Activities. Whatever games you and your family or friends like to play.

Charades, board games, card games, more!

The power is out, so no one can say they’re busy on the computer or etc.

Talk, hang out & just have fun waiting for the power to come back on.

One last tip…….

Some more helpful hints to prepare you for a power outage are:

Find out if your water heater and regular house heaters are gas or electric?

If it’s electric, and the power goes out, then you’re water is not going to get warm. So much for washing your hands with warm water and taking a shower!

If your heaters are electric, then you’re also not going to be able to keep warm in the winter if an ice storm knocks out the power. If you’re heaters are gas then you should be all set.

*Also if your water supply to your house is by means of a well, those are usually pumped by electricity. So that won’t work either. Which means you’ll have to buy even more water bottles to stock up on. Furthermore, if you flush the toilets or run the water and run out of the water in your tank or pipes before the well can be pumped with electricity….then your toilet and water faucets will sputter and not stop, due to air in the pipes, etc.

Ok I hope you take this advice, on what to stock up on, in the event the power goes out.

When the power goes out, it makes you grateful & appreciative for when it’s on. It makes you appreciate the finer things in life. That anything you have or someone you know could be gone at any moment. So remember to be prepared for the worst and make the best, with what you’ve got! Read my lost ways review to find out about the best survival eBook that I recommend.