A Doomsday Preppers Preparedness Plan

I’m a Prepper and proud of it! If there is an emergency, a SHTF scenario I know I have at least a little bit of a system in place to protect myself. Skeptics say ‘what if there is no emergency?’ It won’t be for nothing. Whether you store dehydrated food other food storage, make a survival kit, build a bug out bag or buy heirloom seeds for your garden, you can still use all the stuff purchased, none of it has gone to waste.

I believe there are degrees of preppers or preparedness…some people are planning for an economic collapse, some people prepare for natural disasters, some just buy toilet paper when it’s on sale and stack it on shelves knowing the price isn’t going to go down in the future.

Whatever your degree or preparedness is – whether you have a 72 hour bug out bag survival kit or whether you want to buy acreage and go back to the way our grandparents lived; with an heirloom garden and some chickens for eggs and meat…the scouts said it best…”be prepared”.



They come in all different shapes and sizes

Preparing is different for everyone, it can be “going off the grid”, knowing how to make a survival garden or raising your own meat on your own homestead. When you start planning for survival it doesn’t take long to take on all aspects of being prepared. For example, I am now looking for a farm to raise my own meat, a wood lot so I can heat for free, I’ve already started stock piling food and weapons for protection.

I have a lot farther to go, but I do know I am more prepared than any of my neighbors.

Bug out Bag

Bug out Bag Supplies

What’s in your bug out bag? I admit…I haven’t gotten to the bug out bag stage “yet”…but it’s on the “to do list”.

I do have a basic first aid kit, a little bit of fishing gear and a few other tools as a start but this is definitely an area

I need to work on.

firemaking outdoors

You may be a Prepper if…

  1. You Stockpile food and other essentials like toilet paper, soap, water. Beans and rice when stored properly can last for years, and can feed a family in a survival situation for a very long time. Toilet paper is one of the 1st items to disappear in an emergency situation. Without water the average person can only last days.
  2. You buy gold & silver. Some people “stack” to protect themselves against currency wars. Where you measure your wealth in ounces, not dollars.
  3. You have a cache of weapons and ammo. A time may come when you need to protect what you have.
  4. Have a bug out bag. A 72 hour emergency kit could be the difference in surviving until aid comes and not.
  5. You want to move to a farm, grow your own non-GMO garden and raise your own meat. It’s about going back to the basics and the way our great grandparents did things.
  6. You start learning new skills like farming, hunting, and other survival skills.

Heirloom Seeds

Non-GMO Organic Seeds

This year I have purchased non-hybrid, non-gmo, organic heirloom seeds for my garden. And if I properly harvest and save the seeds from some of the fruits and vegetables then I will have seeds for food for life! I’ll never have to purchase seeds again.