How To Survive A Nuclear Disaster

Nuclear power plant accidents can happen at any time. Remember: Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Japan.

Everyone is asking how to stay safe during a nuclear disaster, Japan’s earthquake and tsunami disaster has turned into a nuclear nuclear explosion survivalpower worst scenario nightmare.

Why a country with so much earthquake activity would build so many nuclear power plants is a question on many minds. Their efforts toward industry and technology caused a dependence on nuclear power where there are few other energy options. However this has endangered their own country, and in turn will send radioactive fallout all over the world.

How many more nuclear disasters will this world endure before all the nuclear power plants are shut down and an agrarian society re-established on earth?

Nuclear Fallout – How to Avoid It?

…avoid risk of harm during a nuclear disaster.

If you live in the USA, there may be no way to avoid the nuclear fallout. Unknown to us in 1966 experimental nuclear explosions in China sent radioactive fallout all over the North American continent except parts of the Pacific Northwest and Florida.

The immediate threat from nuclear fallout from the Japanese nuclear disaster is the spread of radioiodine throughout the atmosphere to infect our agriculture, especially dairy cows. Our milk supply could be polluted with radioiodine for up to a month and this could later cause thyroid cancer in humans. See: Claude Davis Lost Ways Review

  • It is best to stay stocked up on food before such a disaster, as food supplies for the following year are likely to contain the radioactive iodine. If dairy products are of concern to your family you can stock up now on dry milk and cheese or other products that could be frozen and used later while US manufacturers are selling their stock of foods infested with the radioiodine pollution. To expect food manufacturers not to sell these supplies is unreasonable; that is not the way of the US food suppliers, most of whom seem to put their profit before the health interests of the American public. You can expect these issues to be suppressed in mainstream media. See: How To Be Prepared For A Blackout!

The Japanese Antidote

…from a country that should know a few things about recovering from radioactive fallout.

The Japanese government is distributed iodine to their citizens. Fortunately I already have food-grade iodine on my shelf as I use it for hypothyroid disorder issues, instead of using pharmaceutical synthroid medications.

If you are concerned about the effects of radioactive iodine, it might be expedient to find some right away. It is suggested to take potassium iodide tablets for a week to ten days while the radioactive iodine clouds are in your area.


Why and How Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Happened?

Here we see a disaster created by a country’s excessive push toward materialism. I’m not blaming Japanese people, only the government that allowed this insanity – especially near known earthquake faults. What were they thinking?

Here in California, we have the same situation. I’ve lived in California all my life but am powerless against industrial interests and the government who have combined forces and build nuclear power plants here near known earthquake fault lines. For years people have wondered why they would do such an obviously foolhardy thing. Is materialism and industry all that important? Really?