Top 5 Freeze Dried Survival Foods

Top 5 Freeze Dried Survival Foods

Some survival foods are better than others, as not all freeze dried foods are created equally. For those to whom nutrition matters, both in good times and in survival situations, reading ingredient lists is key. Ultimately, some of the very best freeze dried survival foods you can buy are:

  1. Meat
  2. Cheese
  3. Butter
  4. Eggs
  5. Meat-based entrees

These are some of the top foods to stockpile for lean times because they will likely be the hardest to source and even when you can find them fresh, they are difficult to store if electricity is not reliable.

Also, these are calorie- and fat-dense foods, which will give the most benefit per ounce. Yes, freeze dried peaches are a great treat, but they will not provide nearly the level of nourishment found in cheese or eggs.

Why These Freeze Dried Survival Foods?

Fruits and vegetables may be grown almost year-round in mild climates or with cold frames, but animal-based foods will be scarcer for most populations and in many geographic areas.

Thus, these meat- and dairy- based foods are key for long-term food storage because they will likely be difficult to produce and hard to source in a grid-down situation or economic collapse scenario.

Fat and protein are critical for the human body, for rain function, for physical strength and for preventing starvation. Animal-based foods such as those listed here are highest in these necessary fats and proteins.

When purchasing meat-based freeze-dried entrees, make sure that meat is one of the first ingredients and that the foods do NOT contain fillers such as large amounts of soy and wheat. Check for allergens and ultimately, buy foods that you can eat and will eat.

As a family, we’ve been building a food storage supply and I’m much more careful about checking ingredient lists now than when I first started.